Through combining historical discoveries and weather phenomena, ‘One Gram per Centimetre Cubed’ links three stories associated with our knowledge of water.


I settled upon three strands of research to explore that make up the individual groups within my overarching collection. Shakespeare’s 1611 play ‘The Tempest,’ observing crashing surfs, rolling seas, ancient maps and linear waves. Luke Howard’s 1802 essay ‘Modification of clouds,’ discovering the types of clouds and their characteristics. Combining drawing with colour and photography to create a series of samples with abstract painterly forms. With the final grouping focusing on ‘The Ocean’s Carbon Balance,’ written by NASA in 2007, questioning how human emissions will disrupt the carbon cycle, by looking and describing the surface of water, where the most Carbon dioxide becomes saturated. My final textiles, samples and designs were all influenced by the idea of the historical context of water; allowing me to create an interiors collection. Thus showcasing my skills as a designer I had acquired across my four years at Edinburgh College of Art.